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Customers may come into Aspen Ski and Board on Polaris Parkway any time during the season to be fitted for our gently used ski and snowboard equipment. Season lease equipment is due for return on April 1st. If you are still on vacation after this time, you may make arrangements for a later drop off by contacting us. We will lease out equipment as long as inventory lasts. Participants in local ski clubs should consider coming in early to guarantee availability of equipment. Any loss or theft of our  leased equipment is the user’s responsibility. The prices listed below do not include tax. Our Old Henderson Rd Location is closed.

Lease Package Options



Thru Nov 18th

Adult Ski Package: Includes skis, boots, poles.Reg $169.95 $149.95
Adult Snowboard Package: Includes board, bindings, boots . Reg $169.95 $149.95
Junior Ski Package: Includes, skis, boots, poles -12th grade and under Reg $119.95 $99.95
Junior Snowboard Package: Includes board, bindings, boots  Reg $119.95 $99.95
Adult or Junior Boot Only  Reg $59.95 $49.95

*All Season Leases are due back on the 1st of April.

**Eligibility for the Junior Ski/Snowboard Package is determined age

**You may season lease a boot with a new ski or board purchase from Aspen Ski and Board for $49.95. This is better than renting a pair of boots every time to avoid needing a release check for every time you rent. A release check for season lease ski boots for one’s own equipment is $14.95.