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K2 AMP 76 TI Flat Ski 2015

K2 Skis

The K2 AMP 76Ti is a great ski for the intermediate skier who is looking for a ski that is easy to ski yet stable at higher speeds. The MOD Technology is added on top of the skis primary core to act as a suspension system to give you a smoother vibration free ride the faster you go. A composite core with metal laminate will give you a light ski that is quick edge to edge and stable at a variety of speeds. The Glass Web has a X-shaped structure to give the ski added torsional strength without adding extra weight. The All terrain rocker will help you initiate a turn quicker and dampen the negative vibrations that are caused by crud or bumps in the snow. The 76Ti is narrow enough in the waist to help you make short quick turns but still be stable on medium to longer turns. K2s Hybritech Sidewalls have cap construction in the tip and tail to make your turns easier while the sidewall underfoot will give you solid edge grip on the icy or firm snow. If you are an intermediate skier who is looking for a ski that will be light on your feet, and help you become a better skier, the K2 AMP 76ti will be a perfect ski for you.

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