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Come to Aspen Ski and Board to check out the new Men's Blizzard Zero G 95 2022The Blizzard Zero G 95 Skis have long been the number one name in the game for all-around backcountry touring. The 95mm waist is near perfect in its versatility, handling the full range of conditions found in the backcountry with ease. The solid directional shape borrows heavily from Blizzard's exceptional inbounds models, and the carbon layup allows for a ski that is unimaginably light, yet somehow skis beautifully. These skis float up the skin track, helping you store up energy during long missions, and provide a powerful platform that lets you put all that energy to good use on the fun part. Rarely do you come across a ski so well balanced for both the up and down - the Zero-G 95s continue to raise the bar.

We're located on Polaris Parkway if you have any questions call us at 614-848-6600.

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