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Elan Freeline Flat Skis 2017


Come to our Polaris Parkway Ski shop to check out ski blades. Elan Freeline 99 cm Ski Blade is back again for the 2016/17 winter season. This doesn't come with a binding. Please see the package section for a package with bindings for $259.95. The Freeline model has always been a great set of skiboards - light, easy to turn and highly durable. For those who don't know, Elan has been in the skiboard market for over a decade, always coming out with numerous, innovative models, including the Elan Rollerski. This season's entry offers the Elan 99 in an affordable, all-in-one package with release bindings and narrower profile for ease of use. 

Elan's quality construction features a tip-to-tail wood core, and asymmetrical twin tips. Asymmetrical twintips allow for forwards/backwards riding with ease. The Freeline top sheet is a rugged "snakeskin" for high durability against nicks and scratches. 

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