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Come to Aspen Ski and Board to check out the new Men's GNU Riders Choice C3 2022. Camber on an RC...excited about this one! As a gift to all you progression technicians, contest contenders, and camber lovers we put our proven Riders Choice geometries on a poppy, a high-performance C3 Camber chassis! With a rugged, fast, black knife cut sintered base, a lightweight long-lasting Aspen, Paulownia core, and eco-sublimated poly top...the RCC3 is quite possibly the best freestyle snowboard we have ever made.


CORE: Balsa/Aspen/Paulownia II/III Heels: FSC Certified, Lightest, Strong, And Poppy GLASS: Tri-Ax/Bi-Ax Fiber
TOP: Eco-Sublimated Poly Top: Tough And Environmentally Friendly
BASE: Sintered Knife-Cut: Fast, Tough, And Holds Wax

SIDEWALLS: UHMW: Tough, Environmentally Friendly


We're located on Polaris Parkway if you have any question's call us at 614-848-6600. 

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