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K2 Joy Driver Men's Snowboard 2017

K2 Snowboards

The sharpest tool for the shred, the K2 Joy Driver is the brainchild of K2 pro Lucas DeBari. This deck uses Inked Glass™ – a breakthrough in graphic processing that’s years in the making and shaves 10% off the entire board weight. The Joy Driver’s Bambooyah™ core is so durable we’ve slapped a 5-year warranty on it, and the construction is dialed to deliver both the versatility of all-terrain rocker with the liveliness of traditional camber in one final, top-notch product.

  • Features: AT Shifted Camber Baseline™, Bambooyah™, Athlete co-designed, Inked Glass™, Directional Outline, Setback Stance - 3/4' (19mm), 250mm Waist Width (159cm)

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