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Marker Ampire MAP Men's Helmet 2019


The Ampire MAP Helmet sits at the top of the dome protection game - a hybrid shell construction is reinforced with Multi-Impact Adaptive Polymer (MAP) technology for industry-leading impact protection and comfort. The Ampire MAP also features passive and active ventilation mechanisms and the robust 360° Edge Protection and 270° MAP protection pads for increased durability and side-impact protection - pick up the Ampire MAP Helmet and ride with some peace of mind!



Hybrid Shell – Hybrid shell construction combines the weight and comfort advantages of in-mold technology with the durability of hard shell construction. In the event of a crash, the hard shell is not only highly durable, but also distributes force across its surface. The extra-light in-mold shell on the lower section wraps around the entire rear of the head for optimal protection. With adjustable MarkAIR ventilation channels, the final product is a premium helmet featuring state-of-the-art technology, low overall weight, and outstanding comfort.

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