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Rome Gang Plank Men's Snowboard 2017


The cousin to the all-mountain dominating Mod Rocker, the Gang Plank is a team favorite of riders who like to mix up all types of riding. Whether they are on a mission to find fun features in the backcountry, running daily laps with friends at the resort, or hiking features in the park, these riders mount up the Gang Plank for its perfect blend of poppy responsiveness and smooth flexibility. Fun times.

Technology for Pop, Strength and Feel

HotRods-Bamboo Single Barrel:

  • A snappy rod of bamboo milled into the core for more pop.

Rebound Sidewalls:

  • Shock-absorbing sidewalls increase strength and smooth out performance.

More Tech

  • Pop Core Matrix
  • SuperBiax Laminate
  • SinterTrue Base
  • Basalt Impact Plates
  • QuickRip Technology

FreePop Rocker

Shape: True Twin

Jumps: 8

Jibs: 8

Pow: 8

Carve: 7

All-Terrain: 9

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