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Lange RX 120 Boot 2014


The Lange RX 120 makes a perfect boot for aggressive skiers that have a medium to narrow forefoot, and longer, narrower shaft of the leg. The RX shell takes the popular race fit of the RS Wide line and turns it into a freeride machine. The rubber Max Grip Soles are very easy to walk with, especially on ice, rocks, or slippery tram docks. A Mono-Injected Polyether shell keeps a consistent flex as temperatures increase or decrease, and is an absolute dream for boot fitters to get the shell dialed in just for you. Lange's Control Fit Liner has a One Piece Toe Box that is seamless, and instep pocket to promote better blood flow, to keep your toes warmer, and a Power Wedge Tongue that will keep a tight wrap across your shin. The RX 120 also sports a 45 mm Elastic Power Strap to give you more leverage to drive your skis. Since you must be on a modern rockered and fat ski by now, a natural more upright stance, will give you more control, and prevent you from fatiguing easier. If you are looking for a strong boot that is powerful for strong skiers the Lange RX 120 will be a great boot for you.

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