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Check out the Von Zipper Capsule Goggle 2022 for men at Aspen Ski and Board today. These goggles are well suited to low temperatures and dynamic on-snow explorations, the Capsule goggle is necessary equipment for alpine operations. Featuring an anti-fog, cylindrical, dual lens, this mountainous module comes equipped with our 4Play quick-change lens system that enhances performance capabilities with ease. Taking the forces of gravity and drag into consideration, this spacecraft is made of thermo-polyurethane, is helmet compatible, and offers a wide peripheral field of vision that will ensure operational efficiency in all conditions. The application of triple density face foam takes on comfort, moisture-wicking, and smooth atmospheric re-entry considerations. Launch yourself in this mission control approved, high altitude certified, multi-purpose vehicle. 


Also included with these goggles is a convenient hard case for safe storage. An extra low light lens, as well as a handy microfiber cleaning cloth. We're located on Polaris Parkway if you have any questions call us at 614-848-6600.