Service Pricing

Ski/Snowboard Tune-Up: $34.95.   

A tune-up includes a wet belt sanding, stone grind, edge sharpening, and a hot wax with Swix wax. Base repairs are extra. 

Ski/Snowboard Tune-Up: One FREE at time of purchase (in-store ski or snowboard purchase)

Release Check: $14.95

A Release check is the industry standard for making sure a ski boot is not only compatible with a ski binding, but the release settings on the binding are correct for the person using the equipment. A Release check is recommended once a season or with changes in weight or ski boots.

Edge Sharpen & Wax: $17.95

A sharpen and wax includes both base and side edges sharpened and polished followed by a wax.

Iron-On Wax: $8.95

We iron on Swix wax followed by a scrape and buff of your ski or snowboard.

Belt Wax  $7.00

Race Tune-Up: $169.95  Need at least 7 days to do these

All race-tunes are performed after meeting with a Head Ski Technician. You may discuss any personal preferences at this time.

New Binding Installation: FREE (in-store or online ski purchase)

New Binding Installation: $69.95 (out-of-store ski purchase)

Binding Remount: $29.95

You may request any mounting preference you’d like!

New Snowboard Binding Installation: FREE (in-store snowboard purchase)

New Snowboard Binding Installation: $9.95 (out-of store snowboard purchase)

Base Refinish: $59.95 (includes a Tune-Up)

Base Repairs: Priced on the spot

Boot Work: $50/hr (minimum $10)

Any work on boots purchased from Aspen Ski and Board is FREE (that's right, FREE!)