Aspen Ski and Board Shop Trip

Salt Lake City, Utah - 2015

With another year of hard work in the books, the crew takes time every spring to ski and snowboard out west. Aspen Ski and Board Company went out to Salt Lake City, Utah at the end of the season last year to visit Brighton and Snowbird. This is a short video depicting a typical day on the epic trip to the canyons of Utah.

Mount Bachelor, Oregon – 2014


Sun Valley, Idaho - 2011

In 2011 the Asbco crew made a virgin voyage to the iconic Sun Valley Idaho, seeking fresh pow, leg burning vertical, and a little piece of American skiing history.  No one in our party had ever skied Sun Valley, which for a well traveled and eclectic group of skiers, was a first in our 12 year history.  Seeing a mountain of such beauty for the first time, with our whole family present was awe inspiring, but that didn’t stop us from shredding every inch of that snow covered son-of- a -gun.  The local crowd of skiers was as hardcore as they come; blowing down 3400 vertical feet of black groomed runs, while us Ohioians, stood off trail, sucking wind, and waiting for our legs to recoup from the insane amount of vertical available in one run.  Being the shredstars that we are, our legs quickly acclimated, and the locals began gawking at our skills, blasting trees, ripping groomers, and jumping off everything in sight.  We definitely made our mark on the hill, and at the base lodge in the sun, we were the main attraction, hanging with all the cool dogs that roam freely while their owners were off skiing spring laps.  It is fair to say that Sun Valley blew away our expectations in every way, and the stories of our journey are not to be missed the next time you’re in the shop. Here are some photos from the trip --> Sun Valley, ID 2011


Lake Tahoe, California - 2010

 Our 2010 season culminated in a trip to beautiful Lake Tahoe California, a favorite among spring skiers, sun seekers, and late season powder hounds.  Once again we were blessed by the snow God’s early in the trip, and sunshine for the remainder of our week of shred.  We stayed in a beautiful home on the north end of the lake, just outside Tahoe City.  For those of you who haven’t skied Alpine Meadows, you will find a resort full of in-bounds cliff bands, great tree skiing, and the infamous Estelle Bowl, where skiers can blast of cornices, huck cliffs, and seek out fresh pow in the trees all in one blissful run that would challenge anyone who considers themselves “extreme”.  The rustic, local vibe was welcoming and very laid back, keeping our focus on the skiing, not on how many fur coats we could count in the lodge.  Neighboring Squaw Valley doesn’t take a back seat to Alpine though.  Its breathtaking views, insane vertical, and infamous runs such as KT-22 and The Palisades make it a paradise for skiers seeking the ultimate mountain adventure.  Our crew of hucksters honored the late, great ski hero Shane McConkey on his home mountain, by launching off every rock in sight, and doing it with high fives and smiles all around.  A hidden gem at Squaw is Granite Chief, which allows us mortals who refrain from dropping the 50 foot cornice on Palisades, a chance to ski like rockstars through chutes and trees.  When the day ended we headed to the Chamois, a local spot to hang and get a taste of true “Squawllywood”.  The Lake Tahoe area will always be at the top of Asbco’s list for a spring trip that offers the total package. Here are some pictures from the trip.-->Lake Tahoe, CA 2010

Mount Bachelor, Oregon – 2009

 Upon closing for the season every April, Aspen Ski and Board staff members pick a destination for a week long vacation to celebrate a successful year and seek out some deep snow conditions and big mountain riding. Mount Bachelor, Oregon is always on our radar, having spent our shop trip there in the spring of 2007. The mountain had received incredible amounts of snow starting in March and made the decision to lock the trip up. We were NOT disappointed. Shredding occurred in such quantity and excitement that most other visitors to the mountain simply stopped in their lines to marvel at our steeze. Rails were thrashed. Kickers were kicked. Cliffs were hucked. Powder was pillaged. We love sharing our time on the mountain just as much as hearing the wonderful tales from all our customers about their experiences. Here is a link to check out some pics from Bachelor --> Bachelor 2009