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The expert boot fitters at Aspen Ski and Board believe that a proper boot fit matched with boot enhancements will ultimately create the most comfortable skiing experience, period. With that in mind, we have a variety of things we can do, ranging from trim to fit insoles to the full custom ski boot experience. Our expert staff will determine what enhancements are best for you and with our background, knowledge and training, you’ll soon discover the difference proper fitting ski boots will make! When buying ski and snowboard boots remember we will work on them for free for the life of the boot when purchased from our store on Polaris Parkway. 

Custom Foot Beds:  The foundation to any proper fitting ski boot is a custom foot bed.  Conformable foot beds made by the boot gurus at Aspen Ski and Board will mold to the skier’s foot while standing in a balanced, neutral position on the molding module.  The molding module the skier stands on will be vacuumed to the foot insuring that the foot bed is making contact with all parts of the foot evenly.  The Conformable foot bed allows the skier’s arch to articulate giving the skier better turn initiation and balance.  While the customized arch does allow for articulation, it is built with a suspension system that helps the foot quickly return to neutral after the turn is initiated.  By neutralizing the skier’s foot, the foot bed keeps the skier’s foot in the center of the boot by supporting the medial and lateral arch.  The heel cup holds the heel in place to prevent slippage, and the metatarsal arch supports the ball of the foot. Ultimately the addition of a Conformable foot bed will enhance every skier’s comfort and experience on the mountain.

Shell Shaping:  The plastic ski boot shell is engineered to fit a skier’s foot so the skier can have a precise fit, transferring the energy from the skier to the ski.  To put it simply, the ski boot shell is the steering wheel, and the ski is the car.  The ski boot shell should fit precisely around the shaft of the leg, the base of the heel, and the ball of the foot.  Following the conformable fit model, the foot should have space for ankle and arch articulation, which gives the skier the best chance for a balanced, effortless turn.    This type of fit would be easily achieved if everyone had the same foot shape as the ski boot shell was built for.  Of course, every skier has a different shape of foot, so to accomplish a perfect fit inside a plastic ski boot shell, some modification is required.  The professional boot fitters at Aspen Ski and Board use a state of the art hot water tank to heat the boot plastic quickly and evenly to allow the plastic to become malleable.  Then the ski boot is punched out using a boot press which provides maximum force on the plastic so it stretches accurately and holds it shape.

Tester’s Comment:’I have always skied with my boots fitting so tightly around my foot that I would lose feeling throughout my foot.  I was convinced that I needed that type of fit to increase my performance on the mountain.  After Chris at Aspen Ski and Board shaped my boot shell to fit precisely, I can ski all day in comfort, and my edge control and balance on my skis has never been better.”

Stance Alignment:  To really feel the benefit of a custom foot bed and a precise fitting ski boot shell, the skier needs to be properly aligned in his boots to have both lateral and fore-aft balance on the mountain.  Having a balanced stance gives the skier more control of the ski and optimum edge control within the turn.  The stance alignment process involves shims that are fixed to the sole of the ski boot to achieve a flat, balanced stance on the skis.  A very important note:  The boot fitters at Aspen Ski and Board always strive for perfection, but ultimately the skier’s comfort is our number one goal.  If a perfect stance is not comfortable to the skier, the boot fitter will make any adjustments necessary to give the skier the most performance without sacrificing a comfortable stance.

Tester’s Comment:  “I have been skiing my entire life and even skied competitively for a few years in high school.  My level of skiing was at the highest possible level, or so I thought.  After I got my stance aligned and my boots shimmed, my edge control dramatically improved.  I was able to ski faster and more confidently, and I noticed a significant change in the energy I was putting into each turn.  My stance in my ski boots feels powerful, and my skiing has never felt so good.” 

Custom Liners:  Boot liners are designed to provide a warm comfortable barrier between your ski boot’s plastic shell and your foot.  Most stock liners that come with a ski boot are full of insulating foam, prefabricated heel and ankle pockets, and pre shaped tongues.  Similarly to a ski boot shell, these are built to a generic foot and can cause discomfort and hinder performance.  Aspen Ski and Board’s passionate boot fitters have been testing these liners all season and have come to one conclusion: Conformable custom liners work!  Each tester had different needs and every problem from shin bang to heel movement was solved with the addition of a Conformable liner.  The molding process is easy; Heat the liners in the conformable oven for 15 minutes.  When the liners are pliable, slide them into the ski boot shells, put the boots on the skier’s feet, and voila! As the liners cool, they take the exact shape of the skier’s foot, hugging it closely and matching all those special places that have caused problems in the past.

Boot Heaters:  Skiing should be a sport that anyone can enjoy regardless of the temperature on the mountain.  Cold feet is a problem that keeps many skiers in the lodge on days when the snow is great, and can even limit those vacationing to only a few hours of skiing a day.  A skier’s performance can also be affected due to loss of feeling, or numbness in the foot.  Skiers need to feel their feet in order to properly transfer energy to the edge of the ski, and a numb foot can dramatically affect a skier’s balance on their skis.  An after-market boot heater from Conformable or Hotronic can be added to a ski boot without compromising the fit like disposable toe warmers, and will keep a skier’s foot at a comfortable temperature for a full day of skiing.  A simple charge between uses will keep your boot heaters ready to go for your next adventure on the mountain.  Aspen Ski and Board testers use boot heaters because they are believers that a warm and happy foot translates to better skiing. 

Tester’s Comment:  “The liners that Audrey made for me have totally improved my boot comfort.  I love the snugness they provide around my heel and ankle and the wiggle room in the toes is a welcomed surprise.  The lace system is easy to use, and I can really snug up the liner on my foot without over buckling my shells.

Custom Foot Bed - 199.95 per pair.

Shell Shaping - $25 per punch.

*Free Shell Shaping if the ski boot was purchased from ASPEN SKI AND BOARD

Stance Alignment - 149.95 per boot.  Includes boot shims, toe and heel routered, shaft alignment, and satisfaction guarantee.

* Free stance alignment assessment, a skier must have a new or existing foot bed to allow for proper stance alignment.
Custom Liners - 199.95 per pair.  Satisfaction guarantee.

Boot heat systems-  263.95.

Drop by and visit with one of our bootfitters at Aspen Ski and Board about improving the fit of your ski boots or your street shoes with footbeds.

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