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Check out the new 2024 Mens Flow Fenix Plus Snowboard Bindings at Aspen Ski and Board on Polaris Parkway in Northern Columbus!

The all-new Fenix Plus, with its superior ExoKush strap, will allow you to shred the entire mountain in comfort. The basic chassis is the same as the standard Fenix, with a glass-filled nylon baseplate and an asymmetric hiback that provides a freestyle-friendly level of flex. We matched it with the sophisticated ExoKush Hybrid strap that can be seen on several of our high-end models. This contraption is made of expanded EVA material and is thick, bombproof, and quite pleasant. It features a classic two-strap feel that's easily tweakable, and it's engineered to help your boot slide in with minimal friction, thanks to ActiveStrap Technology, which moves it up automatically as you recline the hiback.