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Check out the new 2024 Hotronic Heat Socks Set XLP 2P BT Surround Comfort Sock Set at Aspen Ski and Board on Polaris Parkway in Northern Columbus!

Ultimate warmth, performance, and comfort are offered with the Heat Sock Set XLP 2P Bluetooth Surround Comfort. You won't ever have to worry about having cold feet on the mountain again with the 2P version's 18 hours of continuous heating power. This combination combines Hotronic's brand-new technology, which heats both the top and bottom of your toes, with two 2P XLP BT battery packs. Without sacrificing performance, the surround comfort sock is made to be comfortable. No more stooping to make adjustments; use the Bluetooth App to control the heat levels. These socks are ideal for long walks, ski vacations, fishing excursions, and other activities.