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Check out the new 2024 Mens K2 Hypnotist Snowboard at Aspen Ski and Board on Polaris Parkway in Northern Columbus!

The more experienced to excellent snowboarder should use this brand-new premium freestyle snowboard for transitions, on hips, and on medium to big terrain park features. K2 built the Hypnotist on top of their tried-and-true tri-blend BAP core. In order to accelerate transitions from edge to edge, they incorporated Carbon DarkWeb, and they improved snap with their new tip-to-tail Carbon Backbone. The tip and tail of the core were replaced by K2 with SpaceGlass construction, which is lighter and harder than wood and puts the Hypnotist in a class of its own. This let you spin that additional 180 degrees, reduced swingweight, and decreased chatter in the tip and tail. K2 complete the look with a 4001 Sintered Base from Crown that has been wax-infused.