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Check out the new 2024 Mens A-8 Snowboard Binding at Aspen Ski and Board over on Polaris Parkway!

The A-8 is built to perform throughout the mountain range. For the snowboarder that requires the highest level of performance from their bindings, this binding is precise and forceful. There are two riding postures offered by the reversible ankle strap. For a more aggressive ride, wear the stiff part of the strap on top. For greater flexibility and lateral movement, wear the soft section of the strap on top. The A-Series aluminum chassis has less stiffness than earlier versions while yet offering the reactive flex and power transfer of aluminum. The cored nylon highback lightens the ride while maintaining responsiveness. The canted footbed gives you extra leverage over the tip and tail of your board while aligning your joints at a 2.5 degree angle. Integrated rubber PODS provide an even surface.