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Check out the new 2025 Mens Roxa R/Fit 90 Hike GW Ski Boot at Aspen Ski and Board on Polaris Parkway in Northern Columbus!

The Roxa R/Fit Hike 90 Ski Boot is designed to help you explore new terrain, which is exactly what your equipment should accomplish. It makes use of a Next Gen Overlap shell and replaces the traditional ski boot profile with one that is more breathable, lighter, and provides better support. Because the U50 Liner uses Ultralon foam and the shell is a Biofit CM design, a bootfitter can simply alter the shape for a bespoke fit when used in conjunction with the liner. The performance is also important, in particular the Easy Ski-Hike Cuff and GripWalk soles, which work together to make this boot capable on both uphill and downhill journeys.