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Check out the new 2024 Youth Tyrolia SX 7.5 GW Ski Bindings at Aspen Ski and Board on Polaris Parkway in Northern Columbus!

The SX 7.5 GW CA includes numerous safety measures for young skiers. Skiing progress is made possible by increased binding confidence and improved power transfer. Because to our Full Diagonal release mechanism, our SX Junior toes and heels are noted for their ideal boot alignment, precise power transfer from the skier to the ski, and minimized joint stress. Add this improved kinematics and multidirectional release mechanism to the mix. Simply get in and go – because to the altered heel shape and gentler brakes, kids can get in and out of the binding in a matter of seconds. The binding is compatible with GripWalk and GripWalk Junior ski boots and is ideal for adult and children's ski boots.